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Simplify IoT

Professionalise IoT

Hardware Operations Processes

Cost of Data 

75% of IoT projects never leave the pilot phase. 

Current engineering best practices for IoT roll-out don't scale for large IoT Projects.


Deviceflo is an Hardware Operations Platform and Toolbox that facilitates the planning and management of large IoT Projects. 

Project Management

Centralised planning canvas and Operational KPI setting. 

- Asset Data Import (ERP)

- Digital Twin Import (BIM)

- BOM and Order Generation

- Project Documentation

Device Data Management

Integration with Vendor Order Management System.

- Device Key Handling

- Order Process Automation

- Stock Visibility /Reservation

- Supply Chain Updates

Installation and Registration

Mobile Installation tool offers on-site help for Installers 

- Instructions

- Device Documentation

- Trouble Shooting

- Status Feedback

- Device Registration

Service Partner Management

Efficiency in steering Service Partners  

- Project Dispatch

- Project KPI Monitoring 

- Material Reservation

- Installer Routing 

Parallel Lines

Our Partners


Microsoft for

IoT Hardware Operations 

Self Service IoT

Deviceflo offers an intuitive  "Touch-and-Go" Self Service Portal for Planning, Execution and Maintenance of IoT Projects

Pre-Integrated with Leading IoT Platforms and Hardware Distributors

IoT Technology Agnostic 


Designed for Large Scale Roll-Outs through a network of Service Partners

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