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Enterprise Portal - General Overview

This 1 min Video gives the basic overview of the enterprise portal, essential for getting started with the Deviceflo platform.

Project Planning and Assigning

Deviceflo offers multiple options for planning and assigning projects. 

Project Execution

Project Execution - Work in Progress 

Floorplan GEO-JSON File Creation

For Indoor IoT Roll-Out, Floorplans are essential in project management and maintenance phase.  Deviceflo uses GEOJSON formats to do this.  This clips demonstrates how PDF files can be easily converted to GEOJSON and imported in Deviceflo.

 Project Planning  - Tablet 

The Deviceflo Tablet Solution offers another building block in the E2E streamlining of IoT hardware Operations.  The Deviceflo tablet gives field technicians a tool for planning and executing  IoT Projects.

Request Free Deviceflo Account 

Work in Progress (02.2024)

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