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E2E Process Orchestration

Tailored integration for field service optimisation - Deviceflo Professional.
As IoT hardware operations grow, extensive process integration is required to optimise workforce efficiency throughout the lifecycle of IoT devices.  Deviceflo's architecture is designed to facilitate such integration as a key building block of IT/OT integration efforts.

Project Module

Project Canvas to facilitate planning process.  Context / Metadata tagging linked to to BIM and ERP Datamodels. 

Automated Creation of Bill of Material as input for Order Management.

Project Documentation creation to enable easy handover to Installation Team.

Order Management Module

Automatic  order processing and delivery updates. Security key handling and Warehouse Management (light) to enable timely and efficient execution processes.

API Integration Layer for easy integration with 3rd party supply chain modules.

Dashboard & Monitoring Cockpit

Central overview on project completion rate, material bottlenecks and service partner performance.  Allows for better roll-out management and E2E Insight into operational performance.   

Project specific monitoring requirements allow for SLA based IoT Use Cases. 

Connection Management Module

Register any device on any platform - Deviceflo comes with pre-integrated API integrations to leading IoT Platforms in the LPWAN Market.  

Service Partner Management

Managing the IoT roll-out cost-effectively through a network of service partners requires full visibility and process efficiency.  This includes everything from material delivery to route planning for field technicians.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Deviceflo's platform architecture is designed to easily integrate with third-party systems, eliminating all manual processes that cause data errors and reducing data costs for IoT business owners.  

This includes transforming existing engineering practices by introducing new tools and replacing long-standing best practices from a non-digital world.

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