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Our Mission

Deviceflo's mission is to enable scalable IoT Projects by introducing an intuitive and easy-to-integrate toolkit that transforms hardware operations practices for connected products.

Stripe and Spheres

Our Story

75% of IoT projects never leave the pilot phase.


A shift in focus is needed, away from technology, towards business process integration and operational process efficiency.

In general, the best practice for managing and operating IoT devices, from installation to decommissioning, is manual and fragmented across the ecosystem involved in IoT roll-out.


This is a barrier to scaling IoT projects and leads to a high "cost of data."

Deviceflo covers every aspect of the end-to-end processes involved in IoT hardware management and has the ambition to streamline where possible.

The target cost for IoT devices is below 25 EUR. If the process cost is a multiple of the material cost, the business case is most likely not going to make sense anymore.

This is a difficult problem to solve and requires experience and insight into installation practices, IoT hardware and technology-specific challenges when interfacing with multiple IoT platforms.  In addition, the journey includes advocating for change in engineering best practices related to IoT device operations.

With backgrounds in Outside Plant, IoT hardware and software, and logistics processes, the Deviceflo team took on the challenge.

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